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Henna Tattoos Melbourne, Geelong

Threading is more precise because it helps maintain the desired shape and size and there is no room for error.

Interestingly, Henna is a wholesome natural product that is derived from a plant. Its biological name is Lawsonia Inermis. It is found in abundance in certain North African countries, India and other South Asian countries. The principal ingredient in henna is the leaves which are dried and powdered and made into a paste and used either as a natural hair colour or it is used to colour fingernails, and the skin.

Henna has been around from times immemorial and has been part of many cultures world over. It is believed to be a good luck charm or a blessing for women to sport during their weddings or ceremonies. In India, henna is culturally very significant. The mehendi ceremony is part of wedding celebrations where the bride and close relatives get intricate henna designs adorned on their hands and feet and it looks very beautiful and adds to the whole wedding aura.

We at Just Threading are aware that henna tattoos are getting increasingly popular. This is owing to it being natural and absolutely safe and as they are temporary tattoos they are all the more popular. These tattoos will be around for 2-4 weeks, they will naturally fade away with time.

Henna tattoos will mostly be in its original colour which is orange, red or brown. Henna tattoos can be sported anywhere be it on the hands, body or even legs.

Once you get yourself henna tattooed at Just Threading, you should leave it to dry and leave it for a couple hours and then it will dry and flake off and then you can see the beautiful tattoo designs that you wanted. It is safe for any age group and most skin types too and most of all, it is temporary, not time consuming and absolutely safe and pain-free!