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Eyebrow Threading Melbourne

At Just Threading, our speciality service is centred on Eyebrows and we offer a range of services that cater solely to Eyebrows. And eyebrow threading, a very safe and a more precise technique are offered here.

The technique of threading eyebrows is a very old and primeval technique that has been in practice since olden times. This technique was first adapted in India and the Middle East. And gradually, with more awareness building, exposure and a global recognition, threading is much accepted and in vogue world over.

Eyebrow threading practice is very common in India, South Asian countries, South East Asia and has now become popular in Europe, the US and also Australia.

Threading is done on the eyebrows predominantly and also for the upper lips and chin area too threading is carried out.

For eyebrow threading, cotton thread, rolled twice over is used and the beautician twists it and then removes extra hair from the roots and gradually maintains and also gives the desired shape.

Some advantages of Threading include:

Threading is a simple process, quick, and fast too. You do not have to spend a lot of time in the salon to get a threading done.

It is a lot cheaper and pocket-friendly too.

Threading is more precise because it helps maintain the desired shape and size and there is no room for error.

When compared to tweezing and waxing, threading is a much more reliable option.

It is not very painful and when threading, you can choose and opt for what you desire in terms of shape, size, and length.

Once you step out after an eyebrow session from Just Threading, you can notice the visible difference, neat, shapely eyebrows!.