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Summer’s here! And it means more time spent at the beach and outdoors. Yes. It is also the time you want to stay outdoors as much as possible and it is very irresistible too.

But you do this and your skin is subject to sun damage and pigmentation. Well, this is not appetizing at all, to suffer from skin damage because you are spending longer hours out in the sun and outdoors.

So, for a good round of much required skincare, and for effective skin treatment, you need a good round of facial treatment High Point. And if you are looking for just the salon for a round of facial High Point, visit Just Threading at the High Point Shopping Centre.

Based on your skin type, age, and skin issues you may have, we recommend a facial High Point accordingly. So a good round of facial can take care of enlarged, clogged pores, balance the dryness and oiliness issues in the skin, and will also help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles seemingly.

At any time you want to relax and rejuvenate your skin, and you are thinking of a facial, visit the luxury salon in High Point, Just Threading. At anytime you want a facial treatment High Point, you may call us on 1300 234 456., or you may write to us at