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It is always good to, ‘make time for yourself’. And in that, if it means a beauty routine which includes some skincare, skin treatment, hair care and a facial Airport West, why not? Facials are must-do these days owing to our lives, work, stress and juggling home chores, and office work.

And if you get regular facial treatment Airport West done, then you will be able to ward off any sun damage, pigmentation or other problems that your skin is showing signs of.

And for all this and more, Just Threading is your dependable, neighbourhood, beauty salon wherein you can avail a range of facial Airport West.

So whatever be your requisite, you are getting married, or you have a party to attend, or you are getting a regular facial treatment Airport West done, a round of facial and skin care will make such a difference that the glow is instantly visible on your face.

As part of a regular facial routine at Just Threading, fine lines and wrinkles are taken care of to a great extent, our therapists help balance the effects of oiliness and dryness on your skin, or if your skin is oily, dry or even combination skin, our therapists suggest facials accordingly. And not to miss, clogged pores or enlarged pores are also taken care of and reduced.

If you want to know more about the facials we offer in Just Threading, call us on 1300 234 456., or email us at